Meet the Family Gym Physical Trainers
Arely began teaching Zumba over a year ago and what she likes best is to witness how much fun her students are having and the great results they get losing weight. “I have been practicing Zumba for six years and it helps me all day long, that is why I know that it helps my students,” says Arely.

Arely plays Regaetton, Cumbia, Salsa and Bachata music during her clases that begin with two songs for warm up, followed by songs to work out the upper and lower body alternatively. Lastly, she uses a different piece of music for a cool down period.

Arely says that even those that think they are bad dancers can learn Zumba. “I used to be quite stiff but little by little you loosen up.”

Paco discovered his inclination and dance talent when he was a child. He has danced professionally for the last 13 years. “I believe that dance is in my blood… I am not color, or brand, I am simply dance, that is all”, says Paco. He believes that no one should ever say they cannot dance and instead they should keep trying until they learn to enjoy it. Paco believes that a good instructor helps everyone to accomplish dancing. “Dance can be divided in three parts: rhythm, chorus and feeling and that is what a person must learn in order to enjoy it”, he says.

Paco loves to teach his fellow Mexicans in Family Gym, “…it’s my people and they smile and I feel encouraged when I see that others join the Mexicans and they say that here you really feel the energy of dance.”

Vita grew up listening to cumbia and watching his mother dance. From there was born a love of dance. Zumba discovered when her mother enrolled her in classes in order to lose weight. "I really liked because I was bored the other sports where it was just run and change with the Zumba dancing is a fun and meet people and become your friends, " said Vita, who teaches Zumba since 2008.

"I love salsa and reggaeton, and much of the music used in my classes but also included merengue, bachata, hip-hop and samba .... What I always try to do is have my students do much exercise and ending sweating and breathing hard. "

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Testimonials of Family Gym Members:
Rosa is a Zumba trainer because she enjoys dancing and you burn a lot of calories, between 500 to 1000, depending on the intensity. “Time flies in this class and people encourage each other, which makes it a lot of fun”, said Rosa who likes to use merengue and salsa I her classes, where the entire body is involved.

Rosa has been part of Family Gym for the last three years and she says that she enjoys teaching here because the people are grateful and they come to the class happy, “…that motivates me to continue striving”, she said.

Luis has been dancing professionally for the last 16 years and he likes Latin music like salsa, merengue, cumbia and bachata. “I think my personal touch is the remixes and I use them a lot in my classes”, he said. Luis believes that in order for a person to be successful exercising through dance, they must have fun because that will keep them coming back and “the best exercise is the one that you do”. Luis loves teaching at family Gym because people are positive and happy. He also loves the fact that thereare children “they are our future and I love to have them in my classes”.

Iris is a certified trainer of many disciplines including Body Combat, Body Pump, Kickboxing, Aerobics and Zumba. She has been learning for the
last eight years because she is passionate about fitness. “Each time a new class is available I take it because I know it will help me help others to
improve their bodies and see positive changes”, she said. Between 500 and 800 calories are burned in this class and Iris says results can be seen in just one month.

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